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We have now synchronized the look of pages to make them look and act the same which should make for a better experience uniform across the site.

Most of  the main pages will have a watermark image in the background, should you wish to see the picture then you will find a very small link image in the top left of the menu bar click on it and it will show you the full size image.

Check out our new WWI & WWII pages with easy links to service records (where available) thanks to the "National Archives of Australia  2015" also other service related information. We hope to add more family Heroes from other conflicts as our growing family submits the information and more information become available.
So Welcome To The SLOAN family website

Researching the ancestors & descendants of John Clark SLOAN & Isabella BLACK, also the closely related families of Perrett, Sawtell, McKenzie, Connor and Speer.

My sister and I are constantly amazed with the new information that we are finding, about our family's contributions to the world around them. Their stories, toils and hard work have made our lives richer. With every new piece of information we find that they did make a difference to all they had contact with, and that they touched many people in many different ways.This is why we created this site to share and hopefully to gain.

So come and join us.

We admire our ancestors and believe that by remembering them, we keep them alive, not only by our genes but by telling their stories, sharing their struggles, by trying to understand how and what they did to survive. Our family is wide and richly represented in history.

We are proud to say that we are Sloan's

A persons real wealth is measured by who they leave behind to carry on!
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